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Hounded by God

I don’t know if there is any interest in yet another book review, but I’ve been surprised that since I wrote my memoir this spring I’ve come across several books about being gay and Christian. Each author wrote from a different perspective and so gives a different view of reconciliation.  I also found a variety of writing styles that reflected their different personalities and objectives.  One simply summarized the interviews with a variety of people with different opinions on the issue and then commented on his own perspective.  I recently finished Hounded by God by Joseph Gentilini that is an edited excerpt of his journals.

He is the only author I’ve read who wrote from the perspective of a practicing Catholic.  His journal entries are organized by subject and then by chronology, but I found several repetitive in that they kept dealing with the same issue over and over without any resolution. Adminittedly, he took on a strong opponent in challenging the church hierarchy, but I think the clash between organized religion and the LGBTQ community is more universal just the Catholic church.

I struggled with his assertion that his relationship with Christ is partially revealed through the loving relationship with his partner.  I agree that their relationship is not sinful, but I believe that we first experience our love from Christ and then share it with others. He first loved us, and when we learn finally to accept and love ourselves, then we can share that love.

I have been involved for several years with the Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN), which is one of several organizations trying to reconcile the established denominations with the fact that many of their members are gay and have been discriminated against. By continuing to preach the dogma that gay and lesbian relationships are sinful, they are directly damaging the lives of millions of people that unfortunately end in suicide because they cannot reconcile those teachings with their own experience. Joseph has been active in Dignity, which is an organization of Catholics similar to the RMN that is active politically in the United Methodist Church.  Change is going to come only when we enjoy the support of our “straight” allies.

If I could summarize the theme of the books I’ve read recently is the fact that each of the authors has struggled with the doctrines of his church and has come to more or less overlook them (or in spite of them) in developing his relationship with God and Jesus.  Sorry, but I’ve not read anything from Jews or Muslims on this issue, but I think it would present an even more difficult conflict.  The churches are 30 years behind corporations in coming to terms with the diversity of life in America.  We all grow when we embrace each other rather than continue to haggle with rancor on what are essentially minor theological issues.  This issue has been co-opted by the politicians for their advantage, but they are increasing discovering that homophobia is not only unpopular but also damaging to their careers.  We must stop them using us as their “bogey-man.”



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