New Year’s Resolutions

Letting Go


Most people think of the new year as the time for resolutions to do things differently.  They start diet plans, promise to form new and healthier habits, and generally live a more conscientious lifestyle.  I’m doing things a little differently this year. First, after 12 years I’m moving to a new apartment.  So I’m cleaning out the closets, selling or giving away tons of stuff, and re-orienting myself as well as my furniture. Since I am retired, I expect to have only a slight change in my daily routine, but I am hopeful of a fresh start with putting a little more energy into my life.

When I published my memoir last spring I was focused on looking back at my life, especially the many regrets for some of the choices that I had made. I, in a way, re-lived my life vicariously and analyzed the steps along the way.  I think that introspection served me at the time, but now it’s time to move on and focus on today and its challenges.  My primary issues at this time are health challenges as I age, and I’ve spent three years going from doctor to doctor without much success.  So I guess that I’m just going to have to learn to live with these challenges and quit wasting so much time hoping for a cure.

So much emphasis in the LGBTI world is placed on the benefits of coming out that not much is written about the need of coming inside oneself to really get to know who you are and your values rather than simply reflecting on the conditions society may have imposed upon you.  I’m no longer afraid of being discovered or what people might think, especially at church.  I have no family left, and most of my friends are gay. My straight friends don’t care so the “gay” issue and especially the drive for sex are less important than they used to be.  After 27 years, it is highly unlikely that I ever will have another partner nor even really much prospect for romance, and I have to face that fact and quit day-dreaming.  I have a stable social life with friends and a busy schedule so I have much for which to be grateful.  I’ve always been too reluctant to be thankful and more inclined to wish for things I didn’t have.  I think I’m finally more content now.

I don’t have any plans this year for writing another book or working as hard at promoting the two books I have.  That was exhausting both financially and emotionally with few results.  I probably will continue with social media because I value the opportunities to keep in contact with old friends and with the world beyond the murder and mayhem of the mass media.

I’m hoping finally to simplify my life and enjoy each day and become more mindful of my blessings.


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