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This weekend I attended a couple of workshops conducted by a prolific author. Chris Glaser lives in Atlanta and has written twelve books as well as having conducted numerous workshops and seminars. Rev. Glaser has been an activist in the movement for full inclusion of LBGT Christians in the Presbyterian Church, or PCUSA, for more 30 years.  He is currently a minister in the Metropolitan Christian Church (MCC).  He has a web site Chris Glaser  and a blog Chris’s blog.

Chris got his Mdiv degree from Yale Divinity School in 1977 but wasn’t ordained by the Presbterian Church even while serving in numerous official capacities. He was ordained by the Metropolitian Christian Church in 1995.  He is a Christian theologian and has published a book about the theologian Henri Nouwen. He has incredible energy and insight, and I wish I had half the drive he does.

You can read his full biography on his web site, but he is well documented as someone who has thought through many of the most controversial issues of our day and how the church has responded to them. I won’t try to summarize his presentations that he taught from just a few notes (no boring Powerpoints) and a couple of handouts.  Obviously he is experienced in conducting workshops and seminars, particularly in interacting with his audience.

I didn’t get a chance to interview him about how he works as a writer, particularly considering his busy schedule.  Although all of his books are on Amazon.com, he obviously markets them via his many public appearances.  His appearances are carefully directed to the specific topic he is addressing and are not generic stump speeches.  He admits that he can’t immediately recall some of the names or people of projects he’s working with over the years, but he has complete command of the fruits of all his education and both the theological concepts and religious issues across many generations.  He expresses himself not as an academic but as a scholar with knowledge and skills to use simple language.  He says, “I just love all the stories in the Bible.” He states that the fundamentalist/evangelical approach to the Bible is a relatively recent 19th Century version of the scriptures.


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