Book Promotion Tactics

My latest venture online was a 2-week course on book promotion tactics with about 25 authors in the Skillshare series.  Laura Pepper Wu, citing a series of exercises from 30-Day Books, introduces 21 topics and then encourages the participants to critique each other’s responses.  The course includes 21 short video presentations on each of the toics. The topics are:

  1. Ideal reader exercise
  2. Your book description
  3. Cover, title, subtitle
  4. Author BIO
  5. Working Out your media angles
  6. Media page (on your web site) and media kit
  7. List out your dream coverage
  8. How to pitch
  9. Be a journalists’ best friend
  10. Tweak Amazon listings
  11. Get reviews
  12. Make your blogging go further
  13. Guest posting
  14. Create an ethical bribe for your mailing list
  15. Utilitize the power of the local
  16. Team up with the holidays, causes, or issues
  17. Be an expert
  18. Get on Quoroa/Linked In
  19.  Commit to Twitter
  20. Paid ads
  21. Easy tweaks


Since I had spent a lot of time on some of the other issues I focused on re-writing my short biography for Amazon, Goodreads, and Smashwords.  I wrote a couple of drafts and got good comments, but I’m still working on a final version. Each of the topics could be a complete course in itself, but for $15 what do you expect?  I’ve got about a dozen Kindle books on the subject, and I feel like I’m still starting to learn book promotion even though I wrote a previous book nine years ago.  I’ve been spending a lot of time reading competitors’ books on the same subject as mine, each of which was written from a slightly different angle.  I guess the pitch on my book is that I’ve been at it longer than anyone else, but that’s not a good sales pitch.  My blog recently has been made up about half from book reviews of these competitors.    There are a lot more books about Gay Christians than I thought, most of which have been published in the past year.  Some have gotten starred reviews in Kirkus but still haven’t sold that well.  Book tours are an important (and expensive) part of promotion, and I have not invested that much in this project.



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