A Real Page Turner

Hiding from Myself, by Bryan Christopher

Bryan is an excellent writer with a very believable dialogue, a great sense of humor, and pathos of a decade of soul searching that almost destroyed him.  His story is not just another coming out tale, even though many other people have struggled through the process.  You relive the scenes as he tells them so vividly that you feel you’re there.  I’m waiting for the movie version.

Glamour, chaos, guilt, the high life and the low life, and a fantastically strong Christian belief system that distorted the true spirit of Christ, are all wrapped up in this engrossing book that reads more like narrative fiction because he sets the scenes so well. You feel his pain as he searches for redemption. He very briefly describes his various affairs without the same passion as he does he does in fighting fundamentalism.  I kept trying to visualize him and the other characters in the book, and he must be good-looking.


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