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You will find a lot of books on Amazon about self-publishing. Most of the Kindle editions in the .99 – 2.99 range are quick-and-dirty reviews or summaries that focus on a very narrow range of issues, such as marketing, e-formats, Amazon’s KDP, Smashwords, CreateSpace, etc. I would be leery of anything published before 2010 because the industry is changing so rapidly.
The most comprehensive is : Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: How to Publish a Book By Guy Kawaski
Guy Kawaski’s book
One of the gurus of Apple was dissatisfied with the promotions of his books and decided to self-publish (with some help) this book. He goes into a lot of details with links and steps in the process of publishing so the new author has a readable guide to follow. He also has an active blog and is active on Twitter so you can follow him after you’ve read the book. I have the Kindle edition with the live links, and I find that very helpful although it is also available in print form.
He has a lot more connections and resources than the average writer so not everything he recommends was practical for me because of financial limitations, but he and his co-author certainly are knowledgeable about every aspect of publishing. In some ways the book is almost a survey of recent publishing history since he details how quickly the landscape is changing.
Another author I’ve read is Gary McLaren. I started with the Kindle edition of his book Beginners’ Guide to Ereaders and then his The Indie’s Author’s Guide to Publishing Ebooks. He also is very active on social media, including Twitter. He is revising the latter book, and you can put in an order to later delivery directly from his web site:
Another is Mark Coker’s Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success: How to Reach More Readers. He also has published a couple of free book on using Smashwords. The link to his book:

has 51 reviews with an average of 5 star ratings. He has very practical and detailed advice for a beginning self-publisher. Although his book is on Amazon, he actually is the publisher for Smashwords, which is one of the alternatives to using Amazon’s Kindle KDP or Createspace.
Of course, there are many other options such as the new author software for iBooks. The stignma of self-publishing has diminished in recent years and is a viable alternative to traditional publishing.


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