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I’ve taken a number of courses online and participated in online meetings, but in the past couple of months I’ve joined several unusual webinars. The most recent this past week was the Brainpower Summit, or Super Hero U, moderated by Jim Kwik. It included about 1,110 participants using computer networking audio services.Twice a day for 60 minutues he interviewed noted authors who were promoting their books. The audio interviews could be replayed for up to 24 hrs if you missed one, and there was a direct link to Amazon of where to find their books. A broad range of authors was represented, but the focus was on mindfulness, self-awareness, and techniques for developing the full power of the brain. He also conducts in person seminars:
Another recent class (over 6 weeks) was the Better Choices, Better Health for Arthritis, a Sanford University self-management workshop powered by the National Council on Aging and the Arthritis Foundation with support from the Center for Disease Control. It was limited to 28 people and included a workbook sent through the mail: The Arthritis Helpbook published by Da Capo Press. The main web site for the workshop also includes workshops for other topics including diabetes and other health issues:
In an entirely different direction are the webinars from Social Media Marketing University sponsored by John Souza. These are a series of weekly webinars, and the ones I attended were on how to use Facebook, but they cover many other subjects. The ones I attended were repeats, but you can get on their email distribution list to get a schedule. To access their web site:
This summer I listened to a weekly series of 20 interviews on The Future of Health Now that were free, but to continue to access the interviews you had to subcribe to a monthly class for $178 for an annual subscription. Again, this was a series of interviews with a number of well-know authors, and I ended up buying some of their books that interested me. The web site and the email newsletters are free:
The Amen @ Home is a service of the Amen Clinics founded by the brain scientiest Dr. Daneil G. Amen. You get a 2-week trial memberships and then an option for different levels of membership. You can get the gist of the technique from one of his twelve books listed on Amazon. These are not webinars; these are resource libraries with a variety of media and self-help options.
I’m sure this just scratches the surface of the hundreds of webinars, online seminars, and resources that are available, but it gives you some idea of the variety of subjects and fields that are currently available. Several years ago I took an excellent online workshop on memoir writing from Writer’s Digest University. They offer a broad range of workshops and webinars at:

There are several listings of webinars:
listing includes categories by type, industry, date, area, and price (free or paid) for a total of 27,666
provides a listing of 27 business topics by presenter, company, category, title, types, and dates (live or recorded)
search is by date, keyword, or category
is a group on Linked.com that is a discussion of how, when, and where to conduct a webinar. It has 436 members, but for a listing it refers you to the web site listed above.

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