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I have set up a trial with a new version of my web site at

It has the same information as my old web site, but in a different format.  This one was designed and hosted by on a speculative basis without a contract.  I’m tracking both using Google analytics.  But my objective is no longer just to get a higher page rank or clicks or click-throughs.  Higher traffic supposedly should generate more leads, but that has not been my experience in the past.

I am currently using the old site

more like an online brochure that includes samples of my writing a links to sites for my photographs and this blog.  Rather than attach samples to a query, I simply list this link.  Neither site has a business link in order to buy anything, except for a link to my book site that includes a link to Amazon.  I’m no longer actively promoting the book, and the online tour guide of Raleigh is available only through Visual Travel Tours’ site.  Eventually all of their guides will be available through Kindle.

Aside from the early leads when I first put up my sites, I’m not getting any business from them in spite of advertising using Adwords and promotion on all my marketing materials.  I’ve had some discussion of whether or not I should list my rates since that my scare of some prospects.  Although they are negotiable to some extent, I’m not willing to work for free as some writers will do simply to get more clips.  Aside from the terrible market for freelancers currently, I think the distinction between offering products on a site and offering professional services is a major factor.  If you’re offering services to the public, that’s different, but if you’re offering services to a narrow niche market other networks seem to work better than the web.





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