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Last year I focused on trying to break into travel writing.  I attended a Media Bistro workshop in DC that was excellent, and I spent a lot of time on web sites featuring travel writing (see table.)  Unfortunately, it isn’t easy even though Media Bistro offers an 8-week online course that goes into the process in much more detail.

My process was simple and direct.  Make a pitch to a travel publication (primarily print magazines) and send a query (usually via email) and wait for a response.  I really fell down on the follow-ups since it’s entirely possible that the appropriate person never received those emails.  A lot of magazines now have online forms for you to use in making submissions and won’t accept email or snail mail submissions.  I’ve explored some of the online ezines but not the online versions of the print magazines (that appear to have different staffs.)  The online versions are not just repeats of the print versions and often have original content.

Since I travel fairly regularly I had focused on trips I had planned and sent my queries based on those future trips.  I researched the back issues of the magazines to see if those destinations had been covered recently.  I didn’t consider that perhaps they weren’t interested in those destinations or that my angle or spin didn’t fit their style.  Anyway, the only response I got was from Budget Travel that my article (not just a query) was close but not quite right.  They later published an article by another North Carolina writer about the barbeque trail in NC of well-known restaurants.  That seemed old hat to me, but apparently they considered it unique.

Here is the list of web sites related to travel writing:

Best Travel Writing

World in Focus

AWAi Travel Writing

Visual Travel Tours


Specialty travel

Rough Guides

Magazines & Tourism Directory


Ytravel blog

Non-fiction course

150 Top Travel blogs


Media bistro


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