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The online “content mills” are well known, such as Examiner, Suite101, OnDemand, etc.  I stumbled across a new service Ebyline that seems to offer a slightly different spin on how they place articles.  1) They don’t pay for your article; you are paid directly by the publisher of the article, and 2) You sell all rights in perpetuity; once you submit to them it belongs to them.

And then there are the “article submission services” that appear to have nothing to do with writing but are strategies for search engine optimization techniques to promote your web site.  You submit “articles” that they promote across the web that have links back to your site.  You pay them for the service, but you own the copyrights.  Examples: Article Marketer, Ezine Articles, Article Base, SubmitYourArticle, ArticleshmArticles, etc.  With just a cursory browse over these web sites, I really haven’t figured out their strategies, but the catch seems to hang on the definition of the word “articles.”  They’re not talking about ads per se, but the pieces obviously are self-promotional.  The question is where they would end up and whether or not you would want your name to appear on some of these sites.

For those who self-publish books, there is the Accurance EDAPT distribution system that allows authors to distribute their books in a variety of formats, including: Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Sony e-Reader, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Borders Kobo.  They are a technology services company that also provides integration of medical records and other data services.  Until recently they also were another print-on-demand publisher with prices ranging from $300 – $800.  Now options include an end product that will be all electronic without any actual printed

book.  They appear to be more oriented to providing services for publishers than individual authors.

Have you used any of these services?





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