More Rant than Write

This morning was a first for me.  I had to censor my own blogging.  My rant this morning was more about ranting on some extraneous issue than about talking about writing so I restricted it to only a few close friends so that I wouldn’t embarrass myself.  Gee, I wish I could get that excited about writing.

Apparently a lot of people are interested in writing, or at least “talking” about it.  Occasionally I will browse the dozens of blogs on WordPress about writing, and there are hundreds more from other sources.  It seems as though everyone has something to say about their writing experiences, and there are lots of books and magazines on the subject.

Even though I took the Famous Writers’ Correspondence course, have subscribed to Writer’s Digest for many years, took a couple of their online courses, and have belonged to several writers’ clubs, I have never found it easy to write.  I wrote articles for my quarterly magazine for 20 years, but that was easy because I had a designated topic and a specific schedule.  But I went stale with that eventually and started using freelance writers for a new and fresh point of view.  I even self-published a book that took three years and seven drafts and still needed more work.  I was just too exhausted emotionally and financially to keep up the struggle to get an agent, and without an agent you can’t get a publisher.  I know a lot of people say it’s a matter of persistence, but in today’s economy that is a long wait.  I’ve known people who have such a strong “urge” to write that they are compelled to do so even if they don’t have a clear direction of how or where to sell their writing.  Freelance writing is a business, and writing for fun of for free is a hobby and not a business.

Maybe it’s just the January blues and the cold weather that have got me down.

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