I keep a log of queries on my computer and on Writer’s Markets.com  and track all my submissions (which are too few).  I read on one blog that a writer should keep at least 10 queries out all of the time, but that comes close to playing the numbers game.  I study Writers market, a couple of ezines, and other writing groups on Google, Yahoo, and LinkedIn to get ideas and leads.  It all comes down to what interests me, and that is what inspires me to write about a topic.  I can’t seem to “make-up” an idea or a slant or think of something new to say about a subject so I guess that is an indictment of my lack of creativity, or energy, or whatever.  I guess that’s part of getting older; it takes more for me to get inspired.  I suffer from too many superficial interests, have been there or done that, or generally have just become lazy.  I don’t suppose I’m unique in that regard, but when I read about other writers who juggle family responsibilities and full-time day jobs and still keep writing then I feel guilty.  Not so guilty that it ruins my enjoyment in spending my time doing other things.  My biggest theft of time is simply spending too much time on the computer, browsing news sites or social media sites without generating any productive results.  I’ve ordered another book on using social media, and I’ll report on it.  My last blog reported on a series in Inc magazine of how to use LinkedIn effectively.  I’ve found their writers groups less than effective — more self-promotion than a dialogue.


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