Building Your Tribe on LinkedIn

Online social networking sites are all the rage now with everyone publishing on Facebook Meet-up, and LinkedIn, and the advocates of each are adamant about which one is best.  Maisha is an expert, and her blog on Inc Magazine is called the Internet Strategist.  She has been focusing the past three weeks in a series of articles on how to use LinkedIn effectively — not just the nuts & bolts that are in their tutorials.  I personally use Facebook for personal contacts, Meet-Up for social engagements, and LinkedIn for professional connections, but some people do just the reverse.  The terms are used loosely to build your connections, establish your “presence” online, maintain a following, etc., but basically it is just one step in a marketing plan to build a “brand.”  Professionals have a brand identity just like corporations, and we’re not talking about logos.  I find that some people engage in artifice in their Q&A as well as some of their posting in various groups.  I got engaged in an offline discussion in which my comments were deleted from a group posting because they were slightly critical (nothing openly hostile) so some folks carry the self-promotion too far.  If you’re not providing information or having an honest exchange of ideas, then what’s the point?  I have posted a link to her blog that you can follow.


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