Name Change & Design Change

I have changed the name of this blog and changed the design template that WordPress calls a theme to better reflect the content, and I hope that will make the blog more user friendly.  I’ve also revised my categories and tags to more accurately describe the wide range of topics and interests that I address here.  I attended a meeting this evening where a creative director, who is also a recruiter, stated very clearly that he only looks at freelancers who have a strong online presence both in terms of content and design.  He doesn’t have time for in-person networking and doesn’t respond to blind inquiries whether by phone, snail mail  or email. He specifically mentioned LinkedIn and blogs.  (This blog also appears on my LinkedIn profile page.)  One of the questions raised was how does a writer accomplish all that is needed to post and maintain a web site and a blog and actively engage in all of the social networking sites and still find time to write?  The indirect answer was in effect that if you’re not active online and have a strong brand on the web you’re just not in tune with society and therefore are an unsuitable prospect for a creative assignment.  On the other hand, he acknowledged that he also depends on referrals and references a lot so there still is a strong element of personal relations involved in the decision-making process.  I deal almost exclusively electronically with my clients, even those who are local simply because that is what they prefer.  I’ve had two face-to-face interviews in two years, and the rest have been queries either via regular mail or email or responses to my web site, depending upon the preferred method of contact specified. The marketing “game” is changing, and the tools and techniques are different for soliciting business now.


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