A Productive Day

I got really cranked up today and completed two re-writes of articles that I had drafted some time ago.  The first was the 4th draft of an article I wrote on eldercare back in February and submitted to The Atlantic Monthly only to be rejected.  I hired a retired UNC English prof. to help with the editing and after significant improvements in transitions and narrative flow I’m ready to submit it again.  The second one was a minor edit for a draft I did a month ago (again at 4;30 am) for an assignment for the local Metro magazine.  I had to wait for some external developments to be resolved before I could complete and verify the manuscript, and that all fell into place this am with some breaking news.  I just wish I could gin up this energy everyday and be more productive, but the “muse” doesn’t seem to strike that often.  I guess that’s the difference between being an occasional writer and a really dedicated writer as a professional.  I’m just not that passionate about it.

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