Kindle versus Ereader

I downloaded Kindle for the iPhone and Ereader for my laptop to compare the two services. I just don’t find reading on the small iPhone screen feasible, but the Ereader on my laptop is surprisingly readible. I think it is a viable option to carrying a book on a plane, when I prefer to have the least amount of stuff to carry. I don’t think either option would compete with a printed book for reading at home so it would be primarily used only for travel. I read a lot and am a regular customer of Amazon not only for its prices but also for its convenience. I will buy from my local independent bookstore if they stock a book that I want, but trying to order either in person or online through them just doesn’t cut it. They are SLOW, like 2 weeks. For the past 6 weeks I’ve been traveling alone by car that doesn’t have an iPod connection so I’ve been limited to listening to music on CDs. I subscribed to Audible, but I just didn’t enjoy listening to the very long recordings.


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  1. Kindle cuts out some of the hassle such as ordering and waiting on books as you mentioned. There are still some pros and cons to it, but it is the future.