I haven’t posted much in April and May because I’ve been involved in a) daily visits to the hospital to see a dying friend, b) three weekend trips for a home & garden tour, a church retreat at the beach, and a family reunion, c) spring housecleaning — including fixing up the deck, d)and  yes, more conferences.  I paid for an interview with a well-established local writer who has been successful in getting face-to-face meetings with national publications just by showing up.  Of course, she had a fistful of clips and clever ideas to bring with her.  So, I’m considering a trip to DC to possibly meet with some mags I’ve queried unsuccessfully, but I’ve got to work on the pitch a lot first.  She also plays the numbers game of sending out lots of queries.  Her advice is to find a venue and then come up with the angle.  She warned me not just to look up indexes of past topics — but to carefully review the  writing style of the periodical.  It’s hard to get noticed without a lot of clips.  Being a staff writer for 20 years is a definite drawback, plus I took a few years out to do a book and then to be a caregiver, etc. It’s always easier to find excuses of why I don’t have time to write than it is to come up with ideas that interest me enough to want to write about.  My range of interests are about a mile wide and an inch deep.  I spent 6 months of research on just one feature story that only netted $750, but I did get a clip.


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