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This week Amazon announced another new version of their ebook reader Kindle that has a larger screen and more memory at a much higher price.  The blurb says that it is intended more for newspapers and magazines where the original was designed for books.  They even have set up an online store specifically for magazine and newspaper monthly subscriptions.  I downloaded the iPhone version of Kindle just to see what it was like, and supposedly if you’re somewhere that you can’t get internet access then you can read your subscriptions on your iPhone (provided you have cellphone service).  I can’t imagine trying to read long text on the iPhone, but it is another example of the push to expand on-line publishing.  Being the usual contrarian, I don’t see print publications going away.  We were told that  TV would kill radio and the movies, and they changed but are still around.  Now the internet is supposed to be the solution to everything.  Some people will always prefer books, magazines, and newspapers in print, and I am one of them.  The main difference to me now is that instead of clipping articles and putting them in folders or mailing them to friends, I download them to my computer or email them.  I get about a half dozen RSS feeds from various sources, including the New York Times & Washington Post, but I still rely a lot of TV broadcast and cable news as well as the local newspaper.  I may watch a segment of the evening network news via a Podcast if I missed it it person; it’s nice to skip all those commercials.  My point is that the new developments in technology are more additive than subtractive, and we expand our horizons and our options with each new development.

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