Triangle Area Freelancers

I attended their annual conference a couple of weeks ago as I reported earlier.  Last night I attended their regular monthly meeting and heard Jeff Davidson speak.  He is a certified management consultant with a MBA who has written numerous books and magazine articles and has learned how to promote them into a full range of products including audio CDs and presentations.  He turned the usual rules for query letters upside down (multiple submissions and pitching more than one story idea at a time) but confirmed the approach of finding a niche and filling it.  He has established a platform as a management expert that provides opportunities for public speaking engagements at corporate and associations meetings that he says exceed the income from his books and complementary materials.  He has built a “brand” around his trademarked web site  The one question he side-stepped in the follow-up Q&A was how he got and maintains his high energy and enthusiasm.  He simply said it was the result of healthy living with good diet and exercise.


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