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I attended a presentation last week on how to use social networking web sites to promote your business.  I’m on Meet-Up, Facebook, and Linked-In in addition to this blog and my web site of writing samples.  I learned how to be more focused and how to separate personal and business interests more effectively. I still hadn’t really digested all that information when in the process of adding some vacation photos to my Shutterfly account I observed that that service has expanded from merely being a location from which to share photos to being a fully functioning web site with text, messages, membership, comments sections.   So now I’ve got three web sites in addition to this blog.  Am I getting spread too thin?  Well, I’ve not been able to easily share my photos on my other two sites (my book and my writing samples) so maybe some day I’ll learn to integrate all three.



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  1. I experience the same problems, being on linkedIn, myspace, facebook, and a couple others that I can’t even remember. I think this networking thing would be great, if only there weren’t so many different sites to put time into. Half an hour is about all the time I have in a day to network.

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    • I usually check those sites in the morning when I’m checking my email, and that’s it. I sometimes responds to questions or post questions on LinkedIn but not on a daily basis. I’ve been told that giving answers regularly is a good way to establish a reputation as an “expert”, but I wonder at what cost in time.