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I just completed a 4,000-word feature on eldercare.  I have served on the boards of four non-profits involved in long-term care, wrote a book about it, and served for several years as the primary caregiver for a family member.  I needed some statistics, however, so I chose three major reports from the Public Policy Institute of AARP, the Administration on Aging, and the National Commission for Quality Long-term  Care to excerpt  to enhance the credibility of the piece. In contrast with a feature that I wrote last summer where I had to attend dozens of boring meetings for several months, I found all three reports online in readable pdf format so the research phase was greatly simplified.  The difficulty was in digesting these huge documents and trying to extrapolate meaningful data without burying the reader in charts and tables.  The Internet is a great resource, but it is still a problem in finding reliable sources.  The web contains a lot of junk also.


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