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After two months of dealing with an obscure software problem that caused my internet connection to frequently disconnect, I finally on the 7th try found someone at Apple tech support who knew the right answer rather than just continuing to run me through the drill.  Apple is noted for the quality of its support, and it’s certainly better than most who have people in India reading from a script who don’t know anything. Unfortunately, mine was an “undocumented issue with third party software” that isn’t supported by Apple.  I did go ahead anv send a query to Harper’s.  Next project is to track and analyze my use of Adwords on Google.  I posted a question on the Writer’s Digest blog on Yahoo and received no response.  I don’t know if that means no one else uses Adwords to promote their web site or just didn’t have any opinions.  I tried using the tracking software from, but that doesn’t work with .Mac accounts even though I use GoDaddy as a pointer to my URL.  All this computer techie stuff is driving me crazy.  I went to a meeting a couple of weeks ago on designing web sites that unfortunately was oriented to major corporate sites and thus way over my head.  The speaker almost smirked when I raised a question about using templates.   I don’t know many writers who don’t have web sites, but it seems to me that it is a big distraction from the primary purpose of actually writing something.  I understand that part of writing is marketing your writing, and even freelancers must operate as a business.  But Facebook,blogging, email, and personal business take an inordinate amount of time.  Even more important is the fact that it distracts my thinking from planning, writing, revising, and focusing on my writing.  I don’t know how folks do it with a bunch of kids in the house and a family to care for.  Obviously they’re more dedicated that I am.


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