My Op-Ed on George Bush

        During the day yesterday I saw excerpts of Bush’s press conference and then watched a more detailed account on MSNBC at 10 that took each excerpt and attacked the factual errors as well as commented on the tone of his remarks.  His staff must have been embarrassed and understood that it was correct to keep him locked up most of the past eight years.  Since my re-orientation after watching “W”, I’ve become interested in the psychology of this man and what makes him tick.  The press conference (or the ultimate exit interview as he called it) confirmed my opinion that he is a good ole’ boy who lives and thinks in a good ole’ boy network.  He is an ideologue with limited analytical capabilities who finds it difficult, if not impossible, to reflect on anything.  He acts solely on impulse, or as he would say it from his gut. He was  clueless as to the implications of what he was saying or what the impact might be.  He defended his administration as smart and hardworking, which might be the gracious thing to do, but it was oblivious to the established fact that much of it was either incompetent or corrupt or both.  I wondered if he was trying to be funny when he commented that the press had (not?) misunderstood him (I can’t remember the exact word).  But it simply confirmed that he mangles the English language in an illiterate manner.

          While I can feel sorry for him because he obviously was in over his head and wasn’t qualified for the job, I still find it difficult to forgive him for all the damage that he has done to this country.  I stand by my original assessment that he is the worst president since Warren Harding.  I agree with Obama that we need to look forward rather to look back and find blame (or prosecution). I still think that some individuals should be held accountable not only to history but to the courts for their actions.  A witch hunt would be very divisive, and that is something that Obama is trying to avoid, but Nixon was forced to resign for doing things that weren’t as bad as what Bush has done.  I think the GAO certainly should do more investigations on the no-bid contracts in Iraq and extract criminal penalties.  I think Treasury should be forced to put the squeeze on the banks to account for TARP funds not only in the future but to account for what they already have received.  The hearings before the House Financial Services Committee were incredulous.
           It’s too bad that George got sober; otherwise he would have stayed in Texas and only hurt his family and not the entire nation.

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