Finding time to write

Since I am semi-retired (meaning I don’t work full-time) you would think I wouldn’t have any problem finding the time to write.  I was a staff writer for several years in a period before the WWW so I didn’t have any clips in electronic format when I started back on my own.  I’ve spent a lot of time networking (both online and locally in person) to market myself.  I’m starting to get some assignments directly from my web site. I also regularly read and respond to Writer’s Weekly, Funds for Writers, American Writers and Artists Travel Division, Freelance Writing Organization International, and MediaBistro.  I tried to market a 1,200 word feature on a recent trip to Chicago that focused on its architecture without any success.  I travel regularly in addition to writing business stories for local media, and I’m trying to figure out how to get paid for it.  I checked out the bid process on Associated Content and found that I just can’t afford to work for their rates.  I’ve submitted some articles to the web site Field Report and reviewed several but haven’t gotten high enough in the rankings to meet the monthly qualifying target to get into the final contest.  I haven’t submitted to any other writing contest other than Writer’s Digest review of self-published books about four years ago.  I spent a lot of time last spring sending out query emails to prospective clients and got one local response but no worthwhile long-term assignments.  Then I got into a cycle of travel through the spring, summer, and fall that seemed to leave little time for actually writing anything.  I prefer to query and then write on assignment because it gives me a target on word count, style, and objective.  I don’t find it very productive writing on spec.  I’ve following the Writer’s Digest blog and found it mostly gossip.  I was a member of the North Carolina Writers Network for several year but found it too cliquish to be productive even though some of their workshops were good.  I was on Blog-it for a few weeks experimenting but couldn’t find the right topic.  My recent reading has recommended WordPress so I thought I would give it a try.  Anyone interested?


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